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This house was a new build, from the ground up. A project like this is challenging but also incredibly exciting and it allowed us opportunity to collaborate with Los Angeles architect Robert Crockett. 


This three bedroom, three and a half bath home was designed with a growing family in mind. The entire rear of the house opens up onto the property that includes a swimming pool, a grilling area and a fire pit. It’s gated making it pet friendly, child friendly and very private.


On the main floor both the living room and kitchen are flanked by ECO glass sliders that are large pocket doors - more like glass walls, really - which disappear into the wall itself on both sides. 


It creates a pavilion feel where you can walk through the house from the front to the rear or vice versa. On a nice day you can slide open the glass walls and you're virtually outdoors. You can get up from the living room sofa and jump straight into the pool if you like.


On chillier days, the insulated glass can be slid closed and there is a six-foot wide gas fireplace adding warmth to the open space. 


We wanted to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor areas. We seem to have gone beyond merely blurring them, instead we actually erased them when those sliders are open.


It was a real privilege collaborating with Robert on this and the result is something we're very proud of.

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