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WOODSTOCK, NY                                              TO SEE MORE PHOTOS OF THIS PROPERTY CLICK HERE


This home has a lovely fireplace and stone chimney however the rest of the home was in need of a major renovation. It was very cramped with small, dark rooms.

Following the renovation it became a light, airy home capable of sleeping eight.

The obvious main feature of this home was an amazing rustic hand-built fireplace and chimney constructed from bluestone, quarried on the very property on which it was built.   Our goal was to make the rest of the small home worthy of that centerpiece.

The chimney was kept as-is, but virtually every other exterior feature was removed, starting with the vinyl siding which was replaced with board and batten.

The rear portion of the house had been comprised of two small, dark, cramped bedrooms. The goal was to transform it into a home for a young family. In an effort to maximize the natural light and air flow we chose to build up rather than out, adding a loft bedroom with large windows on both sides. On the ground floor the existing bedroom windows were replaced with glass slab doors opening on to the new deck. 

The photos above are of the exact same corner. The existing double hung window was replaced with a single casement. A skylight was also added overhead to add more natural light. 

These two photos were also taken from the exact same perspective. The wall with the window conceals a walled-in porch. That wall was removed to create an open plan kitchen.

The original kitchen, seen on the left, was converted into a powder room and laundry room.

What had been a tiny kitchen became a powder room with a pocket door.

Viewing the same wall in each photo. The two doors led into the bedrooms. The doorways were widened and barn doors were added to give the feel of sliding walls rather than traditional doors.

In each of the above photos, the bedroom window can be seen through the open doorway. Same window, different feel.

The wood paneling was removed from all walls. The ceiling beams were removed and recessed lighting added.


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